Frequently asked questions

I really hope for both our sakes that you will take the time to glance through the following questions and my answers to avoid your asking questions that have already been answered. Questions are listed below, what to know before arranging a date with me.

What can I expect from a date with you?

You can have me any way you desire. I can be your romantic girl-friend where we softly and lovingly take care of each other. But I can as well come through as a wildly passionate adventure where we, in turn, explore in depth all parts of our bodies. Or you may have nourished a very private fantasy of once experiencing something very special and untried before. So if you tell me beforehand about the ideas you have developed, I can prepare for us an exciting time. 

How do you dress for a date?

If I am coming to you I will arrive dressed so as to exclude any thoughts of me being an escort. But my underwear will be something else and I can quickly get out of my clothes and slip into something more exciting. If you come to me, I could welcome you in a dress or outfit that turns you on if you give me a hint beforehand. I have an extensive choice of dresses, lingerie and high heels and I dress up adequate to the occasion. My make-up, hair and manicure/pedicure are always tastefully done. 

I never booked and escort before.

Having an escort date with me will never make you feel awkward. I may come up with some rather innovative proposals and ideas. I do understand if you feel a bit nervy at first or uncertain about which way this may go. But believe me, I will make such feelings disappear without a trace almost immediately. And do not hesitate for long to reveal your innermost erotic desires! I have learnt how different we all are and I will never more become surprised at anything. Nor would I find any wish of yours really way out of the ordinary.

Are you discreet?

Absolutely. I always prefer the first contact with you in an email and I would only text/call with your prior consent to do so. Discretion is an integral part of our experience. I have the greatest respect for your privacy and I expect the same in return. What occurs between us - stays between us.

The biggest turn-off for you?

Poor hygiene, impatience and rudeness.