Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a date with you?

  The choice is yours. I can be your romantic girlfriend where we softly and lovingly take care of each other. I could also go on a wildly passionate adventure with you, where we explore our bodies in depth. Or you may have a very private fantasy of experiencing something very special and untried before. So tell me beforehand about the ideas you have, and I can prepare an exciting time for us.  

How do you dress for a date?

  If I am coming to you, I will arrive dressed professionally, with no hint of being an escort. I can quickly slip into something more exciting! If you come to me, I will welcome you in an outfit that turns you on - feel free to give me a hint beforehand. I have an extensive choice of dresses, lingerie and high heels and I certainly dress to the occasion. My make-up, hair and manicure/pedicure are always tastefully done. 

Are you discreet?

 Absolutely. I always prefer the first contact to be filling in my BOOK ME form. I would only text or call you with your prior consent to do so. Discretion is an integral part of our experience. I have the greatest respect for your privacy and I expect the same in return. What occurs between us - stays between us.
Please do not request any other photos of me, especially of my face! Due to the nature of our meeting, it would be extremely indiscreet. The only photos that I am willing to share are on this website (which are always recent). 

Do you have any rules of etiquette?

 Yes I do. If you treat me with the same respect that you would treat someone else you care dearly for, I will reward you with the same respect and affection. I hope you understand that my comfort, well-being and safety are of highest priority so I kindly ask you not to be under influence of drugs and/or alcohol when you meet me.
We all know that is hard to change someone's opinion after a bad first impression. 

Are you an independent provider?

 Yes, I am. I prefer to have control over my own life. This also gives me the chance to be selective as I want to choose who I meet, and how I spend my time with them. I accept dates with men only. 

What type of men do you prefer to meet?

 I prefer to meet kind, respectful gentlemen. Someone who understands the values and respect of past generations. 

What kind of men are you attracted to?

 I am attracted to well-educated men who can handle themselves under any circumstances and who are open-minded, kind in their way of interacting with other people, and who have a passion for beautiful women. Men who live a balanced life and have found their place in society.
I am attracted to men who smell clean and nice, hopefully after showering when getting ready for our meeting. 

Do you practice safe sex?

 For mutual comfort and safety intercourse is ALWAYS covered. I do not offer unprotected intercourse under any circumstances. 

The biggest turn-off for you?

 Poor hygiene, impatience and rudeness. Bad manners or any attempt of pushing my boundaries. 

How can I contact you?


Fill in my booking form and choose one or more possible dates.
Please let me know as much as possible about yourself. Remember that you know a lot about me via my website, but I know nothing about you. You can be sure that everything you tell me stays with me.
You can also contact me by ringing me if you wish to schedule a meeting with short notice however I am not always in a situation where I can answer your phone call.
I would rather that you try to contact me first through a booking form, or at least a text message.

Still, I am really looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you better!

Whilst  most of the time I am based in Central London, occasionally I am away for a date or private trip (or a bit of both). I adore the adventure of travel, whether it is a new local or a far away place.
Please check my CALENDAR section at this site to see where I currently am - I always update it with my upcoming travel.
I only ever accommodate incalls at a clean, safe, discreet and high-standard apartment.
I am available for outcalls with a notice if you wish to meet me at your hotel. The same day outcall visit is possible, if I’m not otherwise engaged.
If you are inviting me to your hotel room, I will need to know your hotel address, room number and your name. I will discreetly phone the reception desk and ask to be put through to your room to confirm our date. Unconfirmed meets will be cancelled. 

+44 7446 622 406