My name is Anita Larson and I am available to become your discreet independent blonde escort. I offer exclusive and intimate rendezvous to selected admirers. My interest is only in quality respectful gentlemen who have wished a bit beyond the ordinary. As an independent escort, I am able to give a passionate intensity and also to conjure up an ambience of nearness, sensuality and high quality entertainment. Regardless of how high your expectations on me may be, I always try to make you happily surprised and – when our date is over – feeling nothing but joy and satisfaction – not only physically and emotionally but also with me as a person and – above all – with yourself.

Until such time you decide to reveal your wishes to me, I can easily imagine that your wished-for sensual eroticism revolves around a sort of temporary double life, where you seem to be just quite ordinary gentlemen. Well dressed and well behaved, but when finally alone with me and undressed we could be exposing our real selves in a passionately erotic way.

 On the outside, I always remain elegantly but conventionally dressed too, whereas I have this hidden penchant for stockings, suspenders, silky lingerie and high heels. I can plan just everything to have you experience – or experience again – a pounding excitement, passion and desire.  

About Me

Dress size : 8/10

Bust : 34C / Height :  5’6” / Weight : 9.4st

Body : no enhancements - all natural

Shoe size : 5

Hair : blonde long

Eyes : blue

I am in my late twenties. You will find me in every aspect fully grown and flirtatious blonde woman with an hourglass body. But to me – and hopefully to you, too – the inside matters at least as much as the outside. It seems as if I receive at least as much recognition and gratitude for my warm and caring personality as for anything else. It may have to do with that I have so relatively low volume of dates that I will always meet you fully rested, sparkling and genuinely interested in you. To me, every such erotic date is in itself a unique experience and it comes naturally for me to be totally focused on you and on our date. 

I accept dates with men only. Given a lot of preparation I put in before a date – both for your and for my own sake, I know I will be able to turn your ordinary day into something special for a couple hours. And this will always be as important to me as it is to you. My selective hobby escorting is also my way of escaping reality for an hour or two and sharing time with another person in a passion so much more intense than if my love life were an almost everyday usage.

I have tried to anticipate some of the questions you may want to ask me before arranging a date with me (and actually, I have been asked and have answered them a lot). The questions and my answers are under the heading FAQ on this site. Please, do start by showing off your best manners by not pursuing me with questions that have already been dealt with in the FAQ section. That is – and will remain – the only claim I will lay on you. Everything else, you are entitled to get from me .My hope is to anticipate and deliver before you even have had the time to ask for it. In total, therefore, an unforgettable unique experience of me as your intensely erotic and totally independent escort, both willing and able to fulfil your wishes.